Enjoy your Free hair consultation!

Our highly trained and experienced Natural Hair Care Specialist (NHCS) will take the necessary time to sit with you, analyze your hair type and pattern, then provide the best possible solution(s) to fit your personal needs.

With our appointment-based system, you are in at your appointed time with little or no wait. We do accept walk-ins, but the respect for our clients as well as our time is a priority; Your appointment comes first!

Natural Hair Services:


  • Loc Start
  • Interloc
  • Palm-Roll
  • Sister Loc
  • Loc Repair, Attachments & Restoration
  • Loc Extension


  • Cut & Shave
  • Children & Students
  • Adults
  • Afros
  • Custom Design
  • Razor Shave


  • Row / Trim / Style
  • Wash & Rod Set
  • Flat Iron
  • Eyebrows
  • Color


(with or without extensions)

  • Comb_Twist
  • 2strand
  • 2strand with Extension


(with or without extensions)

  • Single
  • Cornrow
  • Micro