Welcome to Loc ‘N Twists

Loc ‘N Twists Natural Hair Studio has been devoted to providing quality hair care to our community since 2005. However, being experts in the creation of Dread-Locs, Twists, Braids and Barbering, we are not limited to these areas. We specialize in hair! In realizing the importance that a haircut or a hairstyle can make to our clients, we endeavor to provide more than just a look, more than just a style our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience!

hair salon for dreadlocks
Our mission is to educate, manage and provide holistic solutions and techniques to each and every client in search of their own Natural Hair Solution.

Beauty has always been and will forever be Loc’d into our hair. In taking the time to inspect this, what will be revealed is a deeper root; Self-esteem, confidence and pride.

Priding ourselves as the Urban Alternative, many are finding their way back to their roots. Thus we have taken it upon ourselves to lead the way and are making a commitment to you by making your hair a priority.

Every client is unique and so is their hair. By providing current reliable information on natural hair care, beauty, and holistic health and wellness, what is created is an intimate-hair-encounter with our hair care specialists. Using customized treatments and personalized service in our spa-like environment, we satisfy one (strand/loc) at a time and will make going natural and staying natural a freeing experience.

Our primary focus is “Taking Pride In Our Natural Hair”.